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Bloggadocious – BuffNinja

The wife – fucking gorgeous right!?

She’s a good soul… A wondrous yin to my incorrigible yang.

The most beautiful of ANY creature ANYWHERE on this rocky, rancorous, and perceptively embittered planet… (That, by the way, is my fucking opinion and THAT’S the one that matters here because I PAY FOR THE FUCKING WEB HOSTING HERE AND GOD DAMNIT!!! I HAVE THE RIGHT TO DO WHAT THE FU… *pauses* —slow, nearly imperceptable, dour sigh…)

Anywayzee… She (my hot wife) is a wonderful, energetic, magical… POWERFUL person! Superb even? She has so much to offer the world! And.. well… lets talk about ME! LOL

Let get down to shit about me! 😉 And why shouldn’t we!? Its gotta be about me at some point right? Yes? YES!? Yesss!!! I was born in one of those shithole Five & Dime stores in an otherwise unassuming low-lying rural plat of Greensville County, Virginia. I guess the momz just had to get her BOGO 6-pack of TAB on that exact day. At any rate, I was born with seven dicks and one leg! Some would say its better to be born with seven legs… I disagree, septilaterally! (multilaterally would also work here, but septilaterally is funnier and frankly, more accurate) LOL One of my arms was tied behind my back to make it fair. Im not sure what that means but…. Fair is fair…. It was a tedious existence. 6 of those 7 dicks had to take over the reluctantly imposed transportation requirements of carting, rather hobbling, my fat ass from place to place, but I endeavored to persevere! THAT’S what matters HERE because I PAY FOR THIS FUCKING WEB HOSTING AND GOD DAMNIT!!! I HAVE THE RIGHT TO DO WHATEVER THE FU… (breathe… just breathe)………..

I made my wealth and (obvious) fame in the textile industry… (obviously)…. looming hungrily over somewhat serendipitous and otherwise seedy/shady backend business deals involving the manufacturing of (stuff?) that occasionally have need for procurement of capitalist support from a non-biased monetary backer. THIS is where my shit gets interesting!! Out of the blue, I get a call from Jessup Wales and he says…. Wait, what!? More about her? But I really think it should be more about me… Sigh… It is not…

I digress, as this is not about me… It, (being this post and wtfeveries) is about my lovely, marvelous, life-breathing, remarkable, and preternatural wife. The Bees Knees as it were and sitch…. The “Sop” I dip my biscuit in… 😉

I love this beautiful woman and I want it to be known to the TENS and TENS of people that visit this Webshart (yes, I just created a new word – that’s how fucking cool I am – You’re welcome) Bobbie Bishop is in my heart. Forever. Short and sweet… Now go elsewhere and glean things about ME!!!! YAY!!!!

Limited mobile interwebs are working and it ain’t so bad….

The latest revision of the website now has at the very least, limited mobile compliance. SEO might disagree, but I have a job so it’s a back burner deal and that level of “sticklership” for the 10s and 10s of fans for writing a dumb ass blog can wait…. Forever… That, and I suck and building websites so…. Yea…. The pages seem to load on mobile devices without issues. IPhones? No idea, but those suck anyway. Onward we go!

Website appears to be in good shape for PC viewers.

The trusty ole handy-dandy website appears to be in good shape for PC viewers!  And content can now be added by members with author status or higher.  A login is required and it will redirect you automatically when you attempt to read a post as members or higher are only allowed to view this content.  Working on the AMP portion of the website now which entails creating content for mobile devices.  Fun fun.....

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